Eyelash extension treatments are among the fastest growing treatments in the beauty industry. We use synthetic extensions in various lengths, curvatures and thicknesses. If you are looking for a glamourous or dramatic look, there are lots of options to meet a broad range of needs.Enjoy a whole world of eyelash extensions with professional, clean and premium services by Pretty Little Lashes. We specialize in extending eyelashes by adding volume and thickness through licensed means. You will have all the attention drawn towards your eyes.

 Eyelashes fall after 60 to 90 days and new ones grow immediately. It is necessary to get fills for the fallen lashes. We provide synthetic eyelashes that are curved and they can give you the luscious look you always wanted. There is no need to use fake lashes or mascara from now onwards

We will transform you into a whole new personality with glamorous eyelashes. With the new extensions, you won’t have to worry about wearing mascara after every few hours to keep the beauty of your eyes intact. The extensions will do the work for you. They are safe because we don’t just use high quality extensions but we follow safe procedures to perform the application which you will be satisfied with yourself. The price for our service is competitive. We also provide all the information you need in the selection of makeup and its application according to your skin type. Get in touch with us now and bring a whole new transformation within yourself.